First day of School!

First class 8am…French. Fortunately other than the fact that it was early it wasn’t too bad. I have a friend from the early start program and my teacher seems very nice and she let us out a 30min early. Not bad.

Then I had a 2hr gap between class. Hmm…What to do? Go shopping of course! Today was la grande marché, a giant market on the main street, and to my surprise a great shopping success! It started with a simple, delicious, and French lunch of a baguette and cheese, and ended with the successful purchase of a pair of really comfy flat, a cute top, and a birthday present for Chelsea! Quelle chance! All just in time for Conflict and Media which looks like it will be an interesting class.

Now it’s time for dinner, then off to the Wohoo, yes that is really the name of a bar here. It is geared towards exchange students and has a lot of themed nights. Tonight is French cliches. It should be fun, and we are meeting up with some of the Swedish student we met on our trip to Cassis!

One thought on “First day of School!

  1. Salut Renee,

    Thank you so much for letting me know about your blog! While I have not been to Aix, I have travelled around Provence a bit. I was in a French program in Montpellier- quite a bit west of Aix, but as part of that program we were all around the area – Nimes, Arles, Avignon, Les Beau, Le Camargue- I still remember so much of it and that was 30+ years ago!! The Provencal people are so lovely and the scenery is breathtaking. I will be eager to hear if you experience Le Mistral! Have a wonderful time and I will try to keep up with you.
    Much love,

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