Book & Bar

 Today I ran into Caya after class, just as I was finishing lunch and deciding what to do during my hour and a half break before French. She said, “Let’s go back to book and bar! I want to see if the have J.K. Rowling’s new book.” I said, “why not?”

We had discovered book and bar for the first time last Friday and literally spend 4 hours there, reading, doing homework, and trying their deserts! Book & Bar is one of the few English book stores in Aix, of course the works speak French and English. Not only are all the books in English but it has an awesome atmosphere for hanging out, doing homework, having a quick snack, and reading!

I have rediscovered my love of reading in Aix! I always have a book on me. I am already halfway through my 4th book. It has been a long time since I’ve read this much and I love it! Feel free to send me any suggestions of books I should read! Caya is a book fanatic making Book & Bar a great place for the two of us. I foresee many more visits in our future. Especially once it start to get too cold for La Pavillion Vendôme!

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