First day of school…as a teacher!

Today was my first day of school as a teacher at Saint Catherine’s! I teach English to a CM2 class, 10-11 year old, for a half hour every Monday. Today went really well and I hope it continues this way! I introduced myself, where I am from, and showed them on a map. I then reviewed where they live and showed them my family. Then I told them some of the things I like to do and reviewed some vocabulary. My supper fun activity consisted of creating a Facebook Profile page!
I have a class of 9 girls and they were really sweet today. At first they were really shy and no one wanted to answer any questions. However, once things got going they were racing each other to get their hand up first. Since they were so participatory, I am hoping to do more oral activities with them and do some role playing. Next week will be Halloween themed! Wish me luck :)

First day of teaching outfit!

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