A day in Aix: For Chelsea

One day while skyping with Chelsea she demanded that I take pictures and write about my everyday life in Aix and not just the fun stuff. So here it goes:

I start every morning with a bowl of cereal, a banana, and a glass of orange juice. Then I head out with my backpack and walk the 10 minutes downhill to school. If I am not running late to class (which is usually the case Tuesday and Thursday when I have an 8:30am class) I occasionally stop by Fournée de Joseph for un pain au chocolate!

Most days I have weird 1 or 2 hour gaps between classes. During this time I usually go to La Pavillion Vendôme to eat my lunch (either a sandwich that I bought or made, sometimes a quiche, occasionally really good pasta from Mezzo Pasta, or a baguette and cheese) and do homework. If the weather is bad I’ll do work in the library or the computer lab.

After class I go to my locker, pick the books I need to bring home, and head out. Occasionally I meet up with Caya for a bit to hangout, go back to la Pavillion Vendôme or Place de la marie (the square town hall is in), or head home.

At home I spend most of my time in my room, doing home work, skyping with family and friends, writing this blog, reading, or watching a movie. It depends on the day, my mood, and the amount of work I have that week.

At 7:30 we eat dinner. Fortunately my host mother is an amazing cook. I have had theopportunity to try many traditional French meals, all of which I love! My favorite dishes she has made are Beef Bourguignonne and tomates provencales. Both are delicious. Every night she comes to my door and says, “Ce prêt!” It’s ready. We eat in the dinning room in the same seats every night. She usually has the tv on either a game show or the news. I wait until I hear “Bon appétit” before I start eating. After our main course we have salad and then cheese and fruit. Some nights she’ll make a little tart or buy a pastry for dessert but not often. Which is probably a good thing. Some nights we’ll watch a little tv together after dinner and then she’ll let me be for the evening.

I have to admit it is a pretty good life. I am so fortunately to be living in Aix-en-Provence! Just being here is amazing but on top of that I have an amazing host mom and have found some great friends and opportunities. I do not think I could have asked for a better experience abroad…except maybe having all of you here too. <3

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