City of water – Venice, Venise, Venezia

Last minute, aka the night before I left for Ireland, Caya convinced me to meet up with her in Venice after Ireland! I was a little freaked out about planning it so last minute but I couldn’t be happier that we did!

Venice (English), Venise (French), Venezia (Italian), it the city of water, I have no idea why that was not on the top of my list of places to visit in Europe! Thank goodness it was on the top of Caya’s because I love water and to be in a city in which you took public boats  instead of public buses was amazing!

Not only is Venice a gorgeous city but it is in Italy! Thus it has amazing food! Every meal Caya and I split a pizza and pasta dish! It was so good. I wish I could have eaten everything! Then of course there is the amazing Gelato too! I was is heaven in Venice.We stayed in a nice host, had great weather, delicous food, and good company. We spent our two days wondering Venice. We saw most of the tourist sights but also got to discover part of Venice I am sure most visitor miss out on. Caya and I make a great travel team :)

This photo is of Marco Square, one of the most popular sights. However, they have a slight problem with the tides. Especially with the full moon. This was their solution. It worked pretty well. Wish I had brought my rain boots. Although the tide is a bit troublesome it provides an amazing canvas for some great photos!